Check in, check out

Hello wordpresser!

It has been long..long time ago since my last post here. Even my last post is just a copy-paste article from my another blog at hotswaps(dot)blogspot(dot)com, which is the same dead-like blog. I don’t know why I’m so lazy to post here. Maybe because I’m a money-oriented now.. haha.

I’m not anymore interested to post about some pirate-non-legal articles, it’s just not my world anymore, live changes, that’s it. I’m planning to post about my live and experience but maybe I’m too afraid to be called ‘alay’ or ‘melankolis’ or uhh.. whatever!

So I decided to check in! Like the title say, check out! I don’t know if i would comeback to this blog again sooner or later.

Thanks for reading this very very unimportant post! haha


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